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Painting Bowie
Dean Tattooing

Originating in Sydney, Australia, self-taught artist Dean Carroll specialises in bold acrylic canvases with heavy textures and intense blends.  His background in technical drawing and work as an award winning tattoo artist provide an insight into his strong understanding of line and dimension.

Having first exhibited in his adopted home of Darwin Australia in 2013, Dean’s portfolio now displays a movement away from intricate brushwork and muted tones towards a more self-assured bolder style.  Exploring life and movement with heavy brushwork and deep tonal progressions, Dean’s current work is heavily influenced by power and dynamic form in nature.

In February 2014 Dean reached out and received a special recognition award for his “D-day on Sydney” in the Light Space & Time cityscapes art competition. 2015 brought travel and inspiration for Dean’s second solo exhibition. “Fourteen” brought a sense of maturity and clarity as a result from Dean’s urge to push for a bigger and bolder dynamic effect from his works. 

Dean currently resides south of the iconic Byron Bay in NSW where he continues to work towards upcoming exhibition pieces and still tattoos daily at Rock of Ages Tattoo Parlour Lennox Head. His thirst for travel and knowledge still take him abroad and back to his adopted homes of Canada and Darwin NT.


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle
“I really felt empowered by this quote when I first read/heard it. Then I thought… Man, I just paint stuff and drink wine.” – Dean Carroll

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